About Us

Since established in 2010, Shair Dazzle specializes in world travel for the importation of 100% virgin hair and provides a selective line up of favorite beauty essentials. Our Curators select our Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Indonesian and Cambodian hair based on the importance of quality, procuring what we believe to be the most brilliant and astonishing hair. We are dedicated to selecting hair that dazzles among the rest and providing you a luxury Virgin hair experience. The very best thing is that Shair Dazzle offers a variety of textures for every queen. Shair Dazzle's virgin hair are imported, hand picked for quality control and with body and luster that will amaze you! Explore our many different options of hair which will provide you versatility in styling and longevity! * Guaranteed to last (1 year with proper care) with overall beauty and satisfaction!